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Wednesday 23 August 2017
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Homemade Harissa (Spicy Red Pepper Sauce)


Homemade Harissa (Spicy Red Pepper Sauce) – If you have never heard of Harissa it is a spicy sauce used in a lot of Moroccan cooking. Typically it is used  as a garnish, with eggs, or sometimes it can be mixed into dishes too. To be honest, this is the first time I have even tried Harissa. I have been wanting to for forever, but my lame small town grocery store does not carry any.

Homemade Harissa

Homemade Harissa (Spicy Red Pepper Sauce)

I ordered some on Amazon, but with all the snow we had last week it was not delivered on time and I really wanted it. So, I figured I would just make my own and I cannot believe how easy it was. It is really just a bunch of peppers all tossed together. The total prep time is only thirty five minutes – and thirty of those minutes come from letting the dried chiles soak in water. The rest of the work is all done in the food processor (or blender).

Easy peasy.

I made the sauce, made my lunchy thingy that I cannot wait to tell you all about and then……

There was a knock on the door.


Of course, the sauce shows up the minute I am finished. Story of my life.

Whatever, like I said, I love my homemade version. Plus, it makes me feel all cool that I made my own Harissa sauce.

I mean, homemade always trumps the store. Ok, well unless the homemade version takes like days or something to make, in which case maybe the store bought is sometimes ok. But if you can go the homemade route… do it. Bonus, in the long run it usually ends up being like half the price!

Oh, and if you are wondering, this is about as spicy as it is going to get around here this Valentine’s Day. Me and my sauce have a little date with some runny eggs….and chocolate. Duh.

You know, some people say being single on Valentines Day is the worst, but for me, it just means more of the good stuff. That and I just have zero time in my life right now for a boyfriend. I say, me first then the guy.

Homemade Harissa  – Ingredients

  • 2 whole roasted red peppers, seeds removed*
  • 2 dried ancho chilies*
  • 1 dried chile de arbol*
  • 2 chipotle chiles in adobo*
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1 garlic clove, peeled + smashed
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • Salt, to taste
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

Homemade Harissa  – Instructions

Place the dried chiles in a heatproof bowl and pour the boiling water over top the chiles. Let sit for 20 to 30 minutes until the chiles are softened. Reserve chile water.

Once chiles are softened, cut top off the chiles and remove the seeds from inside. Add to the bowl of a food processor or blender, along with the chipotle chiles in adobo, garlic and lemon juice.

Purée, slowly pouring in the olive oil to thicken the sauce. If desired add 1-2 tablespoons of the reserved chile water to thin the sauce a bit (I did not do this). Season to taste with salt and extra lemon juice.

The Harissa will keep refrigerated for a few weeks.

*You can use any combo of dried chiles you prefer. I just used what I could find in my area, but found that I loved the flavor. You will need a total of 5 dried chiles.

*To roast your own red peppers you can either broil them in the oven or place them directly on a gas top burner and char all sides of the pepper. Once all sides are charred remove the pepper from the broiler or stove top and place in a bowl and cover. Allow to sit for 5 minutes, remove and peel the charred parts away. Slice and use.

Homemade Harissa

Or maybe me, some chocolate… and then the guy.


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